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Pocket QbE Fiber Optic Cleaning Platform

The pQbE Cleaning Platform is designed for portability to clean all FTTx connector geometries, including SC/LC, MT-Type, OptiFit®, and e2000.  It is the ultimate in performance and convenience, and provides First Time Cleaning, all the time.

Features & Benefits

  • Conveniently fits into pockets and pouches for easy transport
  • Developed for use with all connector types, SC, ST, FC, MT-type, APC and recessed connectors
  • Raised, ridged Fibersafe™ cleaning platen mounted atop the flat cleaning platen conforms to recessed connector end faces, and provides simultaneous cleaning to the ferrule and chamfer of non-recessed connectors
  • Ridge causes wipe to deform slightly during use so previous cleaning path is obvious and not retraced
  • Use with Electro-Wash® PX, Electro-Wash® MX, or Fiber-Wash cleaning solvents to perform the Combination Cleaning process (CCp™)
  • Clear plastic packaging resists rain and provides view of remaining wipe quantity
  • Patented – U.S. Patent Number 6,865,770 and foreign patents, additional U.S. and foreign patents pending


  • End-Face Connector cleaning for SC, ST, FC, MT-Type, APC and recessed connectors
  • Splice Preparation
  • Buffer Gel Removal
Shelf Life 5 yrs.
Shipping Name Wipes

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Part # Size

1.375" x 3 (3.6 cm x 7.6 cm), Roll of 200

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