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Non-Flammable Transportable I & M Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

In the I&M Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit, Chemtronics has included only the cleaning supplies necessary for making a successful 1.25mm and 2.5mm fiber optic connection. The Transportable I & M Cleaning Kit contains two Fiber-Wash NF Precision Cleaning Pens and QbE2 to perform the Combination Cleaning process.

Fiber-Wash Pens are safe to transport. Use the swabs and wipes with the Fiber-Wash NF pen to clean the fusion splicer, especially the mirror and V-groove. Swabs are also included for cleaning alignment sleeves and backplane connections.

The swabs are packaged in rugged tubes for field operations. The kit bags are made from tough nylon for long life.

QbE2 wipes are 100% non-contaminating material. These wipes have high absorbency and contamination entrapment capacity, as well as high wet strength

  • Excellent solvent resistance
  • Excellent particle entrapment
  • High absorbency capacity and rate
  • Very low solvent extractables
  • High wet strength

QbE2 wipes are generally compatible with most common solvents such as isopropyl alcohol, methanol and ketones such as acetone or methyl ethyl ketone. These wipes are generally compatible with dilute or weak acids.


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Part # Size

QbE2 Cleaning Platform 

FW2170 Fiber-Wash NF Precision Fiber Optic Pens

6704F  Lint-Free Precision Wipes

48042F 2.5mm Foam Fiber Optic Swabs

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